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   For Category: "Books"
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1. Who Is The Falcon? (Book)
Item #: 93156
Media: BOOK
Description: To some he is Gay Stanhope Falcon, the freelance adventurer and trouble-shooter from Michael Arlen's...
Price: $22.95

2. Nick Carter Volume Two: Exclusive Pulp Reprint
Item #: 92190
Media: BOOK
Description: America's premier detective hero returns in two action-packed pulp thrillers by John Chambliss and...
Price: $14.95

3. The Gripes of Rapp
Item #: 91678
Media: BOOK
Description: Biography of the creator of The Bickersons and writer for Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye and Fanny...
Price: $24.95

4. Francis X. Bushman
Item #: 91475
Media: BOOK
Description: Francis X. Bushman had a life like no other. He was the screen's first great romantic idol, a...
Price: $24.95

5. Arthur Anderson: An Actor's Odyssey
Item #: 91457
Media: BOOK
Description: ARTHUR ANDERSON claims he's been in every branch of show business but grand opera and the circus. He...
Price: $19.95

6. The Philip Rapp Joke File
Item #: 91401
Media: BOOK
Description: For the first time ever, be privy to the open caverns of mirth that is the prolific Philip Rapp joke...
Price: $14.95

7. Information Please
Item #: 91283
Media: BOOK
Description: Information, Please - the popular radio quiz program that played experts for fall guys - was...
Price: $29.95


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