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Our Radio Show

On The Radio - Past & Future Shows
When Radio Was
Greg Bell
Friday 9-30
Mystery Is My Hobby

Who Shot Ben Curtis
BUY Mystery Is My Hobby
"Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar"
Originally broadcast:  2/14/1956
The Cui Bono Matter - Part 2
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Thursday 9-29
The Haunting Hour
Originally broadcast:  4/21/1945
A Corpse There Was
BUY The Haunting Hour
Chandu The Magician
Originally broadcast:  10/18/1948
Gypsy Coming After Betty & Bob
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Wednesday 9-28
The Green Hornet
Originally broadcast:  8/15/1939
Money in the Meter
BUY The Green Hornet
Originally broadcast:  7/15/1940
Happyland Amusement Park - Pt. 4
BUY Superman
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Tuesday 9-27
Screen Director's Playhouse
Originally broadcast:  10/3/1949
The Senator Was Indiscreet
BUY Screen Director's Playhouse
Young Widder Brown
Originally broadcast:  5/22/1950
Madelyn and Christopher Argue
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Monday 9-26
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show
Originally broadcast:  10/14/1951
Phil's Eye Exam
Lum & Abner
Originally broadcast:  2/17/1943
Trying to Recall Formula
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Sunday 9-25
The Burns & Allen Show
Originally broadcast:  5/19/1949
Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney - Part 2
BUY The Burns & Allen Show
"Richard Diamond, Private Detective"
Originally broadcast:  5/22/1949
The Stolen Purse
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Saturday 9-24
Jack Benny Program
Originally broadcast:  10/8/1939
Dennis Day's Debut
BUY Jack Benny Program
The Burns & Allen Show
Originally broadcast:  5/19/1949
Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney - Part 1
BUY The Burns & Allen Show
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