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Green Hornet: Racket Busters

Category: Adventure
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 48632
Was: $39.98    Now: $33.98

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The war might be over, but for daring publisher Britt Reid, there's one fight that never ends -- the battle against organized crime! With mask in place, gas gun in hand, and faithful valet Kato by his side, The Green Hornet surges forth against postwar racketeers and crime lords in this collection of twenty original radio adventures!

Jack McCarthy stars as Britt Reid, wading into a world where no one was ever quite what they seemed, and nobody could ever quite be trusted. Lee Allman co-stars as Lenore Case, with Gilbert Shea as Mike Axford, Jack Petruzzi as Ed Lowry, and Michael Tolan as Kato. Listen in as shady politicians, cheap hoods, malicious mobsters, and vicious killers all feel the sting of The Green Hornet!

Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod!

Episodes Include: The Briefcase Snatcher 01-18-49; The Hornet and a Sparrow 01-20-49; Axford Gets the Dope 01-25-49; The Numbers Total Death 01-27-49; Poor Substitutes for a Prison 02-01-49; Jet Test 02-03-49; Contract Steel 02-08-49; Face in the Television 02-10-49; Sign of the Death's-Head 02-15-49; The Hornet Gets a Franchise 02-17-49; Diamonds and Murder 02-22-49; The Fortune Seekers 02-24-49; Vindication 03-01-49; Space Ship 03-03-49; Race Date Cancelled 03-08-49; Birthright 03-10-49; Axford Gets a Story 03-15-49; Charity Ends at Home 03-17-49; The Jewell Fishers 03-22-49; The Racket Busters 03-24-49

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