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Lum & Abner: Volume 10

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 47792
Was: $35.95    Now: $32.36

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Lum & Abner are facing off against Squire Skimp, and find themselves in a bit of legal hot water. Lum considers several changes of profession…and Abner aims to take over the Jot 'Em Down Store on his own.

Will Squire finally get his comeuppance? Will the Edwards-Peabody partnership end for good? Are synthetic diamonds the answer to their troubles? What changes are afoot in Pine Ridge?

Come listen to Chester Lauck and Norris Goff in 36 consecutive episodes from the winter of 1943 - 1944 and find out!

Episodes Include: Squire Sues for Damages 12-02-43; Incriminating Evidence 12-06-43; Lum to Hire Lawyer 12-07-43; Things Don't Look So Good 12-08-43; Trying to Steal Note 12-09-43; Squire Will Drop Charges 12-13-43; Squire's Lawyer Visits 12-14-43; Wanting Squire's X-Rays 12-15-43; Squire's Back in Bad Shape 12-16-43; Lum Leaves Trial Suddenly 12-20-43; Trying to Find Lum 12-21-43; To Raise Money to Eat 12-22-43; Lum Returns and He Saves The Day 12-23-43; Lum Will Become a Lawyer 12-27-43; Lawyer Lum to Retire 12-28-43; Abner Sole Owner of Store 12-29-43; Neither Lum Nor Abner Happy 12-30-43; Everyone Against Abner 01-03-43; Lum's Theater Burns Down 01-04-44; Fire, Lum Loses Everything 01-04-44; Abner Hires Lum to Work 01-06-44; Lum Becomes Delivery Boy 01-10-44; Chamber of Commerce Meeting 01-11-44; Relationship Strained More 01-12-44; Lum Asks for a Raise 01-13-44; Lum Is Diamond Jim Edwards 01-17-44; Diamond Business 01-18-44; Everyone to Sell Diamonds 01-19-44; Lum Trades Bogus Diamonds 01-20-44; Cedric to Get Barber Chair 01-24-44; Abner Thinks Lum Will Fail 01-25-44; Lum Practices Barbering 01-26-44; Play to Sell War Bonds 01-27-44; Personalized Barber Mugs 01-31-44; Lum Hires Customers 02-01-44; Lum to Cut Miz's Hair 02-02-44

Please note: This CD-R product is manufactured on demand using recordable media. This allows us to make a wider range of series and episodes available.

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