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The Couple Next Door: Business & Pleasure

Category: Comedy
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 47782
Was: $31.95    Now: $27.16

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Mr. and Mrs. Piper are at it again -- navigating the ebb and flow of postwar suburbia in The Couple Next Door. The head of the household takes up a new hobby, navigates changes at work, and faces a few domestic dilemmas - all while his lovely wife stands by…and stands her ground!

Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce star in 32 consecutive episodes from 1959, featuring Margaret Hamilton as Aunt Effie!

Includes a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.

Episodes Include: To Take Skiing Lessons 01-13-59; Recommendation For Charlie 01-14-59; More Skiing Equipment 01-15-59; Ski Is Broken And Replaced 01-16-59; Sprained Ankle 01-19-59; Staying Home From Work 01-20-59; New Job For Charlie 01-21-59; Talk With The Boss 01-23-59; Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go 01-26-59; Charlie's European Plans 01-27-59; Dinner At Fancy Restaurant 01-28-59; Lipstick Explanation 01-29-59; Useful Christmas Gifts 01-30-59; Secretary Resigns 02-02-59; Fuse Blown 02-03-59; Prizefight Interruptions 02-04-59; Talk With Mr. Crenshaw 02-05-59; Traveling Job Offered 02-06-59; News Leaks Out 02-09-59; Bad News Still Not Told 02-10-59; Aunt Effie's Checkup 02-11-59; Explaining White Lies 02-12-59; Feeding The Baby 02-13-59; To Pay Own Way to Europe 02-16-59; Aunt Effie To Go To Europe 02-17-59; Tree Estimate 02-18-59; Nobody Will Listen 02-19-59; Trust Fund For Bobby 02-20-59; Trip To The Market 02-23-59; Bread Pudding Confession 02-24-59; Baby Present To Wrong Person 02-25-59; Early Appointment 02-26-59

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