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Lum & Abner Volume 9

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 47382
Was: $35.95    Now: $30.56

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Lum & Abner aspire to open a moving picture theater in Pine Ridge. In order to make their dream a reality, they'll need to find an appropriate building in town, a piano (and someone to play it), plus a projector (and someone to operate it).

Will the boys manage to pull this project together? Will they find the money for the startup costs? And will Squire Skimp find a way to horn in on their new business? Come on down to the Jot 'Em Down Store and find out!

Chester Lauck and Norris Goff star in 36 consecutive episodes from the fall of 1943.

Episodes Include: Classified Ads 09-30-43; Abner Rents Lum's House 10-04-43; Possessions Given Away 10-05-43; How to Get Widder Out 10-06-43; Haunting Houses - Ghosts 10-07-43; Discuss a Movie Theater 10-11-43; Lum Wants to Mortgage Store 10-12-43; How to Get Movie Projector 10-13-43; Learn to Operate Projector 10-14-43; Grandpap to Play Piano 10-18-43; Free Passes to Everyone 10-19-43; Abner Will Go to Mena 10-20-43; Packing Suitcase for Trip 10-21-43; Motion Picture Salesman 10-21-43; Lum Buys 'The Vulture's Revenge' 10-26-43; Film Company President 10-27-43; Mary's Problems in School 10-28-43; Abner Returns From Mena 11-01-43; Vote Name for Movie Theater 11-02-43; Squire to Be Third Partner 11-03-43; Opening Competing Theater 11-04-43; Lum and Abner Lose Help 11-08-43; Squire Tricks Grandpap 11-09-43; Cedric Delivers Handbills 11-10-43; Free Preview Tuesday 11-11-43; Rumors About Theater 11-15-43; Ladies Uplift League 11-16-43; Spying on Squire's Show 11-17-43; Squire's Theater Is Illegal 11-18-43; Squire Arrested 11-22-43; Warrant on Squire 11-23-43; Squire Rants and Raves 11-24-43; Justice of the Peace Court 11-25-43; Squire Injured in Fall 11-29-43; Writing Apologetic Note 11-30-43; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 12-01-43

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