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Our Miss Brooks: Faculty Feuds

Category: Comedy
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 46732
Was: $31.95    Now: $28.76

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Class! Settle down, please, and listen to your teacher! She's Madison High School favorite Connie Brooks!

Miss Brooks bravely battles against the absent-mindedness of Mrs. Davis, the disdain of Principle Conklin, the interference of Daisy Enright, and the reserve of Mr. Boynton. Her struggles are uphill…and uproarious!

Here's Eve Arden, with Gale Gordon, Richard Crenna, Gloria McMillan, Jane Morgan, Jeff Chandler and Robert Rockwell in sixteen adventures in mid-century education!

Includes a Program Guide by Rodney Bowcock.

Episodes Include: The Hair-Do 03-06-49; Special Party 04-03-49; Key to the School 06-05-49; Weekend at Crystal Lake 08-21-49; The School Board 09-11-49; The Baseball Game 03-26-50; Dyeing Easter Eggs 04-09-50; Traffic Court 05-28-50; Miss Enright's Birthday Party 03-18-51; Bartering With Chief Thundercloud 10-10-54; The Switchboard Operator 11-07-54; Tears for Mr. Boynton 04-10-55; Writing Magazine Articles With Aliases 04-17-55; The Twin Orphans 05-08-55; Hillbilly Heifetz 07-03-55; Helping Hands 09-11-55

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