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Boston Blackie, Volume 1

Category: Detective
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92403
Was: $7.98    Now: $6.78


The character of Boston Blackie, legendary safecracker-turned-sleuth, made his television debut in this 1950s TV series "The Adventures of Boston Blackie" starring Kent Taylor.

DEEP SIX (1952): A tenuous love triangle exists between shipmates Skip, George, and a beautiful woman. When George is murdered, all evidence points to Skip as the killer. So, why is Boston Blackie convinced of Skip's innocence?

MINUET FOR MURDER (1952): During a string of burglaries, a young woman is robbed of important documents. Blackie's investigation leads him to a crooked ex-attorney…and a possible case of blackmail.

QUEEN OF THIEVES (1952): Boston Blackie investigates a notorious criminal gang whose leader appears to be a sweet old grandma.

SHOOT THE WORKS (1953): Blackie's pal is terrified that someone is trying to kill him. When he turns up dead, Blackie becomes the principal suspect.


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