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Lum & Abner Volume 5

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 45752
Was: $35.95    Now: $32.36

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Lum and Abner meet Buster V. Davenport of Toledo, Ohio…but, he sure looks a lot like our old friend Grandpappy Spears of Pine Ridge! And, that's just one of the problems facing the proprietors of the Jot 'Em Down Store in this collection.

There's a war on! The town's truck line is in trouble, "little" Pearl is leaving town to become a nurse, and the boys' secret recipe for making synthetic rubber is lost. Can the Golden Era Discussion Club study up a way to get things back to normal?

Here are 36 serialized episodes from the winter of 1943!

Episodes Include: Citizens Leaving Pine Ridge 01-21-43; Can Lum and Abner Save Town 01-25-43; Club Meets at Ulysses' Home 01-26-43; Grandpap's Chemistry Set 01-27-43; How to Make Invisible Ink 01-28-43; Ink Into Synthetic Rubber 02-01-43; Club Doesn't Discuss Rubber 02-02-43; Rubber Company Elects Officers 02-03-43; Practicing Red Tape 02-04-43; Keep Secret Formula in Head 02-08-43; Fall Gives Grandpap Amnesia 02-09-43; Grandpap's Someone Else 02-10-43; Grandpap Buster, Salesman 02-11-43; Amnesia is Causing Trouble 02-15-43; Club Tries to Cure Grandpap 02-16-43; Trying to Recall Formula 02-17-43; Playing Checkers 02-18-43; Pine Ridge Saved From Ruin 02-22-43; Club Present to Grandpap 02-23-43; Throwing Grandpap a Coming Out Party 02-24-43; Pine Ridge Social Leader 02-25-43; Lum Reads Etiquette Book 03-01-43; Grandpap Is Debutante 03-02-43; Adopting Grandpap Buster 03-03-43; Lum May Adopt Grandpap 03-04-43; Dress For Big Society Party 03-04-43; Club Learns About Etiquette 03-09-43; Cedric Is Promoted at Job 03-10-43; Coming Out Party Monday 03-11-43; Grandpap Doesn't Show Up 03-15-43; Grandpap Leaves for Toledo 03-16-43; Pine Ridge Needs a Dentist 03-17-43; Dentist From County Seat 03-18-43; Dr. Snide Arrives 03-22-43; Club Meets Dr. Snide 03-23-43; Office In the Feed Room 03-24-43

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