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Inner Sanctum: No Rest for the Dead

Category: Horror
Duration: 6 hours
Media: (6) CDs
Catalog Number: 45256
Was: $24.95    Now: $22.46


Inner Sanctum Mysteries set the standard for what a radio horror show was all about. Equal parts wildly improbable scripting, stylized acting, and threatening organ music, the show took radio horror in a new direction -- and cast an influence that would far outlast even radio drama itself.

Pass through the squeal and groan of the iconic creaking door as your sinister host (Raymond Edward Johnson, Berry Kroeger, and Paul McGrath) guides you through 12 digitally remastered episodes of the radio equivalent of a midnight ride through a carnival House of Horrors…with an evil clown as your seatmate.

Pleasant dreeeeeeams?

Includes a Program Guide by broadcast historian Elizabeth McLeod.

Episodes Include: Desert Death 01-09-45, The Judas Clock 04-17-45, The Girl and The Gallows 05-01-45, Dead To Rights 05-22-45, Dead Men's Holiday 06-19-45, You Could Die Laughing 05-07-46, Detour To Terror 05-21-46, Murder Comes To Life 01-10-49, The Devil's Fortune 01-31-49, Appointment With Death 03-28-49, The Unburied Dead 05-16-49, No Rest For The Dead 08-24-52


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