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Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

Category: Adventure
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 44722
Was: $35.95    Now: $32.36

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"Every week....a league furtherů"

This series tells the fascinating and exotic story of the crew of The Scarlet Queen, "the proudest ship to plow the seas." Their quest for a Chinese treasure leads them to remarkable encounters in ports of call throughout the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea.

Captain Philip Karney - played by Howard Duff in the audition episode, and thereafter by series creator Elliott Lewis - is at the helm of the 78 foot ketch. At the skipper's side is First Mate Red Gallagher, played by the husky-voiced Ed Max.

Old salts William Conrad, Jack Kruschen, Virginia Gregg, Barton Yarborough, Paul Frees, Mary Lansing, Bill Johnstone, and Ann Tobin help to keep the chronicle on course. Their voices mingle with the creak of the gang plank, the strain in the rigging, the crash of the waves, and the salty spray of adventure!

Includes 18 digitally restored and remastered episodes, and a Program Guide by Jack French.

EPISODES INCLUDE: The Death of David Malone (Audition) 02-02-47, The Shanghai Secret 07-03-47, Report of the White Jade Buddha 07-10-47, The Spaniard and the Laskar Pirates 07-17-47, The Boston Geisha and Chesapeake Bay 07-24-1947, Lily in the Chimoipo Bar 07-21-47, The White Cargo Act and Ah Sin 08-07-47, Story of the Eight Historic Periods 08-21-47, The Barefoot Nymph and the Mother Hubbard Jacket 08-28-47, Jewel Thieves and the Straw Filled Dummy 09-11-47, The Courtship of Anna May Lamour 09-18-47, Shore Leave and the Unhappy Wife 09-25-47, The Fat Trader and the Sword of Apokaezhan 10-02-47, The Tattooed Beaver and Baby Food for Pare Pare 10-09-47, Ah Sin and the Balinese Beaux Arts Ball 10-16-47, Grafter's Fort and the Black Pearl of Galahla Bay 10-23-47, King Ascot And The Maid In Waiting 10-30-47, Lonely Sultan of Isabella De Basilan 11-06-47

Please note: This CD-R product is manufactured on demand using recordable media. This allows us to make a wider range of series and episodes available.


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