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Lum & Abner: Volume 2

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 4398CD
Was: $35.95    Now: $32.36

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When last we left our pals from Pine Ridge they were involved in considerable intrigue. They were receiving reports from the Masked Muskrat, threats from the Black Pelican, and a baby from a melancholy mother.

The further adventures of Lum Edwards and Abner Peabody find them confounded by one commotion after another. At the Jot 'em Down Store, there is much bother about the baby, a mystery about a coat-of-arms, and mischief about ghosts, gunshots and gold mines.

Once again, these 36 digitally restored and remastered episodes, starring Chester Lauck and Norris Goff, are available from the Radio Spirits Archives Collection - featuring re-releases on CD of some of our most popular long-discontinued cassette collections.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Belated Report on the Black Pelican 07-14-42, Ghost in Abner's House 07-15-42, Elizabeth and Pearl Return 07-16-42, Who Will Keep the Baby? 07-20-42, Baby Will Draw Name for Himself / Fixed Contest 07-21-42, Coat-of-Arms on Baby's Locket 07-23-42, Coat-of-Arms in Newspaper 07-27-42, Mena Star's Editor Helps Out 07-28-42, Letter by Carrier Pigeon 07-29-42, Babysitting Fundamentals 07-30-42, Baby is a Lost King 08-03-42, Taking Baby King's place 08-04-42, Stranger Calls About Baby 08-05-42, Mysterious Phone Call Interrupted by Gunshot 08-06-42, Foreign Languages for Baby 08-10-42, Genealogical Trace for Baby 08-11-42, Baby is Heir to Gold Mine 08-12-42, Custody of Gold Mine 08-13-42, Cedric as President of Gold Mine 08-17-42, Mousey to Work in Gold Mine 08-18-42, Baby's Case Begins to Get Expensive 08-19-42, Lum and Abner Owe Squire $1,100 08-20-42, Entered in Movie Contest 08-24-42, Grandpap Auctions Store Fixtures 08-25-42, Baby's Father Shows Up 08-26-42, Squire Isn't on the Level 08-27-42, Squire Has Been Faking Gold Mine Tale 08-31-42, Squire Does Too Much Fast Talking 09-01-42, Lum and Abner Miss Baby 09-02-42, Handy Folding Cot 09-03-42, Mousey Opens a Travel Agency 09-07-42, Back to Nature Vacation 09-08-42, Mousey Shows Travel Slides 09-09-42, Friedrich Miller Describes Nazi Germany 09-10-42, School Board President Election 09-14-42, Lum Considers Being a Substitute Teacher 09-15-42

Please note: This CD-R product is manufactured on demand using recordable media. This allows us to make a wider range of series and episodes available.

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