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Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 40742
Was: $31.95    Now: $28.76

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Richard Diamond, Private Detective was one of the great gems of the last decade of commercial network dramatic radio. Tailor made for star Dick Powell, the sleuth is an amalgam of elements of Philip Marlowe with Powell’s own boy singer past. Diamond is a tough detective and while he often faces long odds and takes his beatings, he always rebounds with humor and style.

This collection includes 16 digitally remastered and restored episodes of Powell starring as the hardboiled “singing” gumshoe mixing it up with thugs, shake-down artists, and murderers in New York City -- as well as his former compatriots in the Fifth Precinct, friend Lt. Levinson (alternately played by veteran radio actors Ed Begley, Ted de Corsia, and Arthur Q. Bryan in this set) and nemesis Sergeant Otis as portrayed by Wilms Herbert.

Tightly scripted, with strong performances from the series stars and supporting actors, this collection is sure to please enthusiasts of classic radio drama and detective mystery entertainment.

Also features radio actors Joan Banks, Harry Bartell, Jeanne Bates, Raymond Burr, William Conrad, John Dehner, Don Diamond, Paul Dubov, Herb Ellis, Bill Forman, Frank Gerstle, Virginia Gregg, Bill Johnstone, Lou Krugman, Peter Leeds, Sheldon Leonard, Junius Matthews, Lucille Meredith, Sidney Miller, Ann Morrison, Jay Novello, Frances Robinson, Herb Vigran, Barton Yarborough, Carleton Young and many more.

Included in this collection is a Program Guide by radio historian William Nadel with photographs and background information about the shows.


CD 1--Picture Perfect Killers - 08-06-49, Cop Killers - 02-26-50

CD 2--Private Eye Test - 03-19-50, Paddy Clark - 04-19-50

CD 3--Ralph Baxter Case - 04-26-50, Insurance Matter - 08-23-50

CD 4--The Kidnapped Policeman - 10-18-50, Death and the Letter - 11-08-50

CD 5--The Eight O'Clock Killer - 11-22-50, The Caspary Case - 02-02-51

CD 6--Lady In Distress - 02-23-51, Red Rose - 03-02-51

CD 7--Butcher Shop - 03-09-51, Eddie Burke Case - 02-08-52

CD 8--Dixon Case - 03-14-52, Hollywood Story - 08-23-53

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