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   For Category: "DVD/Video"
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61. Eliot Ness: An Untouchable Life
Item #: 94779
Media: DVD
Description: Eliot Ness, the real-life gangbuster who brought down Al Capone, tells his thrilling story as never...
Price: $14.98

62. Green Hornet: Original Serials Collector's Set
Item #: 94750
Media: DVD
Description: Here is The Green Hornet in two Universal serials!

THE GREEN HORNET (1940): In this 13 episode...
Price: $19.98


63. Mysterious Mr. M
Item #: 94749
Media: DVD
Description: A federal investigator is called in by authorities to assist in solving the disappearance of...
Price: $14.98

64. Mr. Wong, Detective: The Complete Collection
Item #: 94741
Media: DVD
Description: Cashing in on the success of Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto, Monogram Pictures ushered in their own Asian...
Price: $19.98

65. Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe
Item #: 94706
Media: DVD
Description: When a ravaging plague strikes the Earth, it threatens no less than global extinction. This alien...
Price: $19.98

66. Dick Tracy
Item #: 94704
Media: DVD
Description: Based on the famous cartoon strip by Chester Gould, this was the first of the Dick Tracy serials...
Price: $19.98

67. Red Barry
Item #: 94703
Media: DVD
Description: Available now for the first time on DVD!

Based on the comic strip by Will Gould, this serial...
Price: $19.98


68. Lost City of the Jungle
Item #: 94605
Media: DVD
Description: Restored from studio 35mm film masters!

Following the end of WWII, war-monger Sir Eric Hazarias...
Price: $19.98


69. Vanishing Shadow
Item #: 94604
Media: DVD
Description: Action! Mystery! Thrills!

This classic cliffhanger from Universal Pictures has never had an...
Price: $19.98


70. Festival Of Fright
Item #: 94589
Media: DVD
Description: Here are 39 fearful fright film previews, featuring the classic movie monsters from the golden age...
Price: $11.98
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