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Search By: title
Keyword(s): "Suspense"
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1. Suspense: Beyond Good and Evil
Item #: 47512
Media: CD
Description: Agonizing predicaments, stellar sound effects, and high wattage Hollywood star power combine in...
Price: $39.98

2. Suspense: Dead of Night
Item #: 49022
Media: CD
Description: When great stars (like Kirk Douglas and Ava Gardner) took their talents to the radio microphones, it...
Was: $39.98  Now: $33.98 you save 15%

3. Suspense: Fear and Trembling
Item #: 47912
Media: CD
Description: From the very beginning of its two-decade run on radio, Suspense was tops in thriller...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

4. Suspense: Final Curtain
Item #: 45652
Media: CD
Description: Radio Spirits dares you to face fog-shrouded streets, escaped madmen, haunted houses, deadly...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%
5. Suspense: Murders of Necessity
Item #: 49452
Media: CD
Description: A new era dawns for Radio's Outstanding Theatre of Thrills in 1950, as producer-director Anton...
Price: $39.98

6. Suspense: One Way Street
Item #: 48752
Media: CD
Description: Tight, tense, and packed with excitement! No director in radio could do more with thirty minutes...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

7. Suspense: Ties That Bind
Item #: 46292
Media: CD
Description: To what lengths will people go to protect their children? Spite their siblings? Murder the...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

8. Suspense: Wages of Sin
Item #: 47142
Media: CD
Description: Getting away with murder? Don't bet on it! Sometimes even the careful get caught. Sometimes...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%


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