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Keyword(s): "Jack Carson Show"
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1. Jack Benny vs. Fred Allen: The Feud
Item #: 44972
Media: CD
Description: Among radio comedy's most enduring features were its running gags - and few gags ran longer, or more...
Price: $39.98

2. Jack Benny: Be Our Guest
Item #: 45552
Media: CD
Description: When you're the country's favorite radio comedian, you tend to have a lot of friends. And those...
Price: $39.98

3. Jack Benny: Fabulous '40s
Item #: 47242
Media: CD
Description: It was the decade of a World War and a Cold War. It was the decade of the Zoot Suit and FDR. But...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

4. Jack Benny: The Fabulous '50s
Item #: 46902
Media: CD
Description: It's mid-century madness as Jack Benny slides smoothly into the 1950s with great guests, hilarious...
Was: $39.98  Now: $33.98 you save 15%

5. Jack Benny: Tough Luck!
Item #: 47392
Media: CD
Description: Jack Benny can't get a date…on his birthday. He gets mugged…out in the rain...and then catches...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

6. Jack Benny & Friends
Item #: 46622
Media: CD
Description: Jack Benny -- he's your friend, my friend, and everyone's friend besides! He's always got his tried...
Was: $31.95  Now: $28.76 you save 10%

7. Jack Benny: Days of Our Lives
Item #: 48692
Media: CD
Description: Follow Jack Benny and his gang around the calendar in this sixteen-episode collection that takes you...
Was: $31.95  Now: $27.16 you save 15%

8. Jack Benny: Master of Satire
Item #: 48822
Media: CD
Description: Do you relish the ridiculous? Get ready for realms of absurdity only possible with radio...
Was: $31.95  Now: $27.16 you save 15%

9. Jack Benny: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Item #: 47612
Media: CD
Description: Hit the road, Jack! Take a train, a plane, or even a ship! Wherever he goes, and however he gets...
Was: $31.95  Now: $28.76 you save 10%

10. Jack Benny: Silly Skits
Item #: 47812
Media: CD
Description: Here comes "This Week's Play" with Jack Benny and all the gang! Mary Livingstone, Phil...
Was: $31.95  Now: $28.76 you save 10%
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