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Search By: title
Keyword(s): "Crime Classics"
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1. Crime Classics: The Hyland Files
Item #: 46522
Media: CD
Description: "You can afford to laugh at murder as a long as you're safely a century or so away from it... the...
Was: $39.98  Now: $35.98 you save 10%

2. Crime Club
Item #: 47332
Media: CD
Description: "Yes, this is the Crime Club. I'm the librarian."

Take a seat. Get comfortable. And get set for...
Price: $31.95


3. Crime Does Not Pay
Item #: 47362
Media: CD
Description: Tales of robbery, of violence, of murder -- ripped from the headlines! Adapted from the...
Price: $31.95

4. Gang Busters: Crime Wave
Item #: 44662
Media: CD
Description: A police officer's whistle, running feet, gunshots, breaking windows, burglar alarms, police...
Was: $31.95  Now: $28.76 you save 10%
Please note, this product is TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.

5. Escape Classics
Item #: 45102
Media: CD
Description: Doses of concentrated thrills and pure, raw excitement are delivered directly on the heels of the...
Was: $39.98  Now: $33.98 you save 15%

6. The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Item #: 47572
Media: CD
Description: The game's afoot! Come and listen to sixteen of the most famous Sherlock Holmes stories presented...
Was: $31.95  Now: $25.56 you save 20%

7. The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Carbuncle & Other Mysteries
Item #: 48292
Media: CD
Description: Come to 221B Baker Street for fifteen incredible capers from the world's only consulting detective...
Price: $31.95

8. The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Red Circle & Other Mysteries
Item #: 48452
Media: CD
Description: The fog is thick, the atmosphere is heavy, and the game's afoot once again! World famous consulting...
Was: $31.95  Now: $25.56 you save 20%

9. The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Red-Headed League & Other Mysteries
Item #: 48682
Media: CD
Description: Once again, the game's afoot! Out of the fog-shrouded night comes the world-renowned consulting...
Was: $31.95  Now: $28.76 you save 10%

10. A Christmas Tale: 5 Timeless Classic Albums
Item #: 94593
Media: CD
Description: CD 1 - Frank Sinatra - A Jolly Christmas:

1.) Jingle Bells

2.) The Christmas...
Price: $21.98

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