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Product Details



Edmond O'Brien Is Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: Dollar in the Dark

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 49402
Price: $31.95

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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar takes a turn towards the hardboiled as film-noir favorite Edmond O'Brien takes over the role of America's Fabulous Freelance Insurance Investigator. His gritty, driven performance is well worth rediscovering.

O'Brien's harder, more cynical Dollar brought him harder and more cynical clients…and adversaries. In this collection of original radio episodes from 1950-52, Johnny finds more than his quota of murder, mystery, and malfeasance.

Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod.

Episodes Include: Death Takes a Working Day (The Loyal B. Martin Matter) 02-03-50; Bodyguard to The Late Robert W. Perry 03-03-50; The Man Who Wrote Himself to Death (Raw Recording) 03-21-50; The Story of the Big Red Schoolhouse (Raw Recording) 04-04-50; The Story of the Ten-O-Eight (Raw Recording) 04-18-50; The Able Tackitt Matter (Raw Recording) 05-02-50; The Harold Trandem Matter 05-09-50; The Sidney Rykoff Matter (Raw Recording) 05-16-50; The Caligio Diamond Matter 06-08-50; The Arrowcraft Matter 06-15-50; The Barbara James Matter 06-29-50; The Belo-Horizonte Railroad 07-06-50; The Calgary Matter 07-13-50; The Henry J. Unger Matter 07-20-50; The Hartford Alliance Matter 08-10-50; The Trans-Pacific Export Matter 08-24-50

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