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Lum and Abner: Volume 14

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 49182
Was: $35.95    Now: $28.76

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Romance is in the air down in Pine Ridge! Lum is distracted by the new schoolteacher, and Abner is desperate to retain the affections of his fed-up wife Elizabeth! And that's not all.

In this collection of 36 consecutive serialized episodes, Pine Ridge pauses to celebrate a wartime Thanksgiving and rolls out the welcome mat for touring war-bond spokesperson Barbara Stanwyck! Every day is a new laugh with Lum and Abner!

Chester Lauck and Norris Goff star in these shows from the fall of 1944.

Episodes Include: Complaining About Sloane 10-09-44; Sloane Gets Better Job 10-10-44; Discuss Replacement Teacher 10-11-44; Applications For Teachers 10-12-44; Store To Sell Birdbaths 10-16-44; Arithmetic Problem 10-17-44; Lum Examining Records 10-18-44; To Greet New Teacher 10-19-44; War Bond Meeting 10-23-44; Shopping In Fort Smith 10-24-44; Lost Train Tickets Problems 10-25-44; Hitchhiking Home 10-26-44; New Teacher, Emaline Platt 10-30-44; Discuss Halloween Pranks 10-31-44; Works On Water Pipes 11-01-44; Excuses To Visit School 11-02-44; Write English Composition 11-06-44; First Time To Vote 11-07-44; Abner Must Visit Relatives 11-08-44; Abner To Learn Trombone 11-09-44; Off To Texas 11-13-44; Stranded At Johnson Farm 11-14-44; Call Supposedly From Texas 11-15-44; Mr. Dennison Visits 11-16-44; Checkers Over The Phone 11-20-44; Psychologist Arrives 11-21-44; Taking Psychologist's Test 11-22-44; Lum and Thanksgiving Dinner 11-23-44; Abner Trouble At Home 11-27-44; Newspaper Love Advice 11-28-44; Cedric Reads Abner's Letter 11-29-44; Barbara Stanwyck, War Bonds 11-30-44; Abner and Hunger Strike 12-04-44; Discouraged With Strike 12-05-44; Third Day of Hunger Strike 12-06-44; Abner To Become A Bum 12-07-44


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