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Harry Nile: Murder By The Book

Category: Detective
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 49172
Was: $31.95    Now: $25.56

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The world-weary private investigator Harry Nile is one step ahead of the mob, but one step behind the bill collectors. That's why he takes pretty much any case he can catch - from robbery to kidnapping to murder.

Phil Harper stars as Harry in twenty-one mood-filled mysteries, aided and assisted by Pat French as Murphy, his secretary extraordinaire. This is classic radio noir for a new generation, created and produced by Jim French.

Episodes Include: The Case Of The Mauritius Orange 09-07-1997; The Bosendorfer Matter 10-05-1997; Murder At Hidden Lake 11-01-1997; Finding Portland 11-09-1997; The Case Of The Bitter Banker 12-21-1997; The Case Of The Sleeping Witness 01-04-1998; The No More No-Mo Matter 02-22-1998; Ten Percent Of Nothing 03-22-1998; Always Leave 'Em Wanting More 04-05-1998; Two Freddies 05-03-1998; The Voice From The Lake 06-07-1998; The Toni Parsons Story 08-16-1998; The John Doe Murders 09-16-1998; Rich Little Poor Girl 10-04-1998; The Case Of The Compromised Cop 11-01-1998; Murder By The Book 12-06-1998; Model 386-A 01-17-1999; Bulletproof 02-07-1999; Rachel's Dream 04-04-1999; The Fighter And The Phantom 04-25-1999; Cold Reading 06-06-1999


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