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Captain Video

Category: Adventure
Duration: 4 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 95494
Price: $19.98

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The television science fiction series Captain Video was such a nationwide sensation that Columbia Pictures Corporation contracted to produce a theatrical serial of the Captain's exploits in 1951. It was the first TV show ever to be adapted to the big screen.

"Captain Video, Master of Space! Hero of Science! Operating from his secret mountain headquarters on the planet Earth! Captain Video rallies men of good will and leads them against the forces of evil everywhere! As he rockets from planet to planet, let us follow the champion of justice, truth and freedom throughout the universe! Stand by for Captain Video and his Video Rangers!"

Chapters Include:

- Journey into Space

- Menace of Atoma!

- Captain Video's Peril!

- Entombed in Ice!

- Flames of Atoma!

- Astray in the Stratosphere

- Blasted by the Atomic Eye

- Invisible Menace!

- Video Springs a Trap

- Menace of the Mystery Metal

- Weapon of Destruction

- Robot Rocket!

- Mystery of Station X

- Vengeance of Vultura

- Video Vs. Vultura


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