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Sherlock Holmes Vault Collection: Special Edition

Category: Detective
Duration: 5 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 95471
Price: $49.98

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Four Classic Mysteries -- all beautifully restored, with exclusive special features -- make this Vault Collection a must for any Sherlockian.Disc 1 "The Fatal Hour (1931 - Featuring Arthur Wontner) "Essay by Don Stradley "Commentary Track (With Jennifer Churchill) "The Adventures of Sam Sherman: Part One (Featurette) "Recreated Sherlock Holmes Radio Broadcast "A Black Sherlock Holmes (1918 - Cut Bonus Short) "A Black Sherlock Holmes (1918 - Uncut Bonus Short) "Baffled (1900) Disc 2"The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935 - Featuring Arthur Wontner) "Essay by Jason A. Ney "Commentary Track (With Jason A. Ney) "The Adventures of Sam Sherman: Part Two (Featurette) "The Copper Beeches (1912) "Blind Man's Bluff (1954 - Television Broadcast) Disc 3"Silver Blaze (1937 - Featuring Arthur Wontner) "Essay by Don Stradley "Commentary Track (With Phoef Sutton & Jordan Legan) "The Adventures of Sam Sherman: Part Three (Featurette) "Sure Luck Holmes (Felix the Cat - Cartoon) "Cousins of Sherlocko (1913) Disc 4 "A Study in Scarlet (1933 - Featuring Reginald Owen) "Essay by C. Courtney Joyner "Commentary Track (With Peter Atkins & David Breckman) "Elementary Cinema (An original production by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures) "Slick Sleuths (Mutt & Jeff - Cartoon This unique collection also includes: The 4 original film posters, replicated as postcards, in the box set

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