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Harry Nile: I Witness

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48962
Was: $31.95    Now: $28.76

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Imagine radio noir in the grand tradition -- the mystery, excitement, and adventure of the medium's Golden Age. Now imagine that this has been combined with all of the technical polish that twenty-first-century audio theatre techniques have to offer. That's The Adventures of Harry Nile.Produced by modern-radio legend Jim French, this collection features cases set in the 1940s. A hard-boiled but gentle-souled private investigator takes to the rain-swept streets of the Pacific Northwest. Experience nineteen unforgettable radio thrillers - including three more installments of the "War Comes to Harry Nile" storyline - in this authorized collection of capers starring Larry Albert as Harry, with Pat French and Mary Anne Dorward as Murphy.Episodes Include: The Fatal Felines of Phinney Ridge 06-13-2010; The Leave Her To Heaven Killing 07-11-2010; The Body In Mystery Bay 09-12-2010; The Case Of The Busy Body 10-10-2010; The Durwood Case 11-14-2010; No Worries 12-12-2010; A Weekend in Heaven: War Comes To Harry Nile - Chapter 9 01-30-2011; I Witness 02-20-2011; A Dangerous Game 03-13-2011; Fifteen Years Later: War Comes To Harry Nile - Chapter 10 04-10-2011; Poetic Justice 05-08-2011; Saturday Night Special 06-19-2011; A Calculated Risk 07-17-2011; Don't Forget To Write 09-11-2011; The Deed 10-09-2011; What's In Grandma's Piano 11-13-2011; Secret Mission: War Comes To Harry Nile - Chapter 11 12-18-2011; The Case Of The Golden Cavalry - Part One 01-15-2012; The Case Of The Golden Cavalry - Part Two 01-22-2012


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