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Harry Nile: Harry's Game

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48842
Was: $31.95    Now: $27.16

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From out of the rain-swept postwar night comes Harry Nile -- a man who's seen it all, because he just can't look away. Here are nineteen state-of-the-art radio noir dramas, produced by West Coast legend Jim French, and starring Larry Albert as the hard-boiled, straight-shooting Harry!

This 8-CD collection includes four more installments of the "War Comes To Harry Nile" storyline, a Christmas episode, two 2-part adventures, and more. You'll hear Pat French, Jay Green, John Patrick Lowrie…and a whole bunch of killer cases.

Episodes Include: Patience Is A Vice 09-14-2008; The Naked Soldier: War Comes To Harry Nile Chapter 5 10-12-2008; The Case Of The Dueling Divas 11-16-2008; The Christmas Cookie Caper 12-21-2008; Knock On Wood 01-18-2009; The Trophy Room 02-08-2009; The Trophy Room Part 2 04-12-2009; Marvin Always Makes A Buck: War Comes To Harry Nile Chapter 6 03-15-2009; Welcome Home, Jane Doe 05-10-2009; Deadlier Than The Mail 06-21-2009; Twisting The Past: War Comes To Harry Nile Chapter 7 08-09-2009; The Collector 09-13-2009; Trouble Is My Beeswax 10-11-2009; The Killing House - Part One 11-15-2009; The Killing House - Part Two 12-27-2009; Harry's Game 01-31-2010; Dead Drop: War Comes To Harry Nile Chapter 8 02-21-2010; Is Anyone There 04-11-2010; The Case of the Mad Millionaire 05-09-2010


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