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The Couple Next Door: Family Fortunes

Category: Comedy
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48562
Price: $31.95

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Life goes on for The Couple Next Door - they are preparing for a family wedding, taking a trip, and planning the construction of a brand new house. Mr. and Mrs. Piper always manage to find a way to get things done, no matter what unpredictable obstacles pop up along the way.

Here are 32 episodes of realistic scenarios tinged with a real sense of humor. This classic daytime radio favorite was created and written by Peg Lynch, who stars in these programs, along with Alan Bunce and Margaret Hamilton.

Includes a Program Guide by Rodney Bowcock.

Episodes Include: Buying A Dress For The Wedding 04-29-58; Making May Baskets 04-30-58; Your Slip Is Showing 05-01-58; Getting Dressed For Wedding 05-02-58; Making A Salad 05-05-58; Mr. Rogers For Dinner 05-06-58; Inheriting Money 05-07-58; Betsy Pays Off Debt 05-08-58; Pretending No One Is Home 05-09-58; Packing For Boston Trip 05-12-58; Getting Started For Boston 05-13-58; Driving To New York 05-14-58; Dinner With Old Boyfriend 05-15-58; Antique Spinning Wheel 05-16-58; Aunt Effie Is Sick 05-19-58; Another Tour Of Boston 05-20-58; Aunt Effie's Old Friend 05-21-58; House Of Seven Gables 05-22-58; Will Is Read 05-23-58; Considering Terms Of The Will 05-26-58; Family Visitors 05-27-58; Invited To Madge And Charlie's 05-28-58; Mr. Rogers Hears About House 05-29-58; Painting The Lake Cottage 05-30-58; College Representative 06-02-58; Asking For Baby Bed Back 06-03-58; Looking At Bids 06-04-58; Charlie's Dare 06-05-58; Morning Of The Swim 06-06-58; Meeting Contractor 06-09-58; Invited To Margaret Cooper's 06-10-58; Blasting Starts 06-11-58


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