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Great Radio Private Eyes

Category: Detective
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 48532
Was: $39.98    Now: $33.98

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From the darkest, foggiest, most rain-swept streets of your imagination come The Great Radio Private Eyes! Detectives, investigators, shamuses all -- here's a legion of radio's best-remembered gumshoes taking on all comers in a wide-ranging collection of thrill-packed cases of crime.

They're all here! From Bulldog Drummond to Candy Matson, from the urbane world of The Falcon to the grubby dockside world of Pat Novak -- get set for classic radio drama at its most compelling!

Includes an informative Program Guide on the history of the genre by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod.

Episodes Include: Pat Novak For Hire: Shirt Mix-Up At The Laundry 05-07-49. Michael Shayne, Private Detective: Bayou Monster 08-20-49. Richard Diamond: Butchers and Protection Racket 01-07-50. Philo Vance: Scarface Murder Case 02-14-50. Adventures of Christopher London: Price of Sugar 02-26-50. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Pearl Carrasa Matter 04-25-50. Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons: The Skull And Crossbones Murder Case 06-15-50. Philip Marlowe: The Final Payment 09-15-50. Let George Do It: Tune On A Triangle 01-15-51. The Falcon: The Case Of The Neighbor's Nightmare 02-04-51. Private Files Of Rex Saunders: A Shocking Still Life 05-09-51. Candy Matson: Candy's Last Case 05-21-51. Barrie Craig: The Tough Guy 07-06-54. Danger With Grainger: Out Of Jail For Christmas 1956. Bulldog Drummond: Dinner Of Death 04-23-45. Sherlock Holmes: April Fool's Adventure 04-01-46. Casebook Of Gregory Hood: South Of The Border 07-15-46. Boston Blackie: Eva Cronin Is Stalked 06-04-47. Jeff Regan, Investigator: The House By The Sea 09-04-48. Sam Spade: The Battles Of Belvedere 05-01-49


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