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Imagination Theatre: The Investigators

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48272
Was: $31.95    Now: $25.56

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For over forty years, Seattle-based radio personality Jim French kept the flame of radio drama alive with Imagination Theatre! Noir-ish private eye Harry Nile, globetrotting adventurer Dameron, Kincaid The Strangeseeker, the methodical investigator Mr. Darnborough -- plus fresh new takes on Raffles The Gentleman Thief, and even Sherlock Holmes himself - all had compelling stories to tell.

Here is a collection of some of Jim French's best work. It's new-time radio in the old-time style!

Harry Nile: Who Killed Harry Nile? 08-01-1999; The Suitcase 09-19-1999; Value of Details 11-07-1999. Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Bonesteel Covenant 12-26-2004; The Great Ansceni 01-16-2005; The Adventure of the Vampire's Kiss 02-13-2005. Adventures of Dameron: The Girl With the Aquiline Nose 11-07-1972; Take Another Chorus, They're Small 11-21-1972. Mr. Darnborough Investigates: The Tea Leaves 05-15-2005; Death Ex Machina 02-22-2015. Kerides, The Thinker: Kerides, The Thinker 05-28-2006; Too Much Wine 07-22-2007. Kincaid, The Strangeseeker: Felicia 09-15-1996; The Place 04-20-1997; The Woman From Under the Ice 10-19-1997. Raffles: The Ides of March 07-18-2004; Costume Piece 08-15-2004; A Gift From the Gods 10-31-2004. Hillary Caine: A Reputation For Murder 05-29-2005; Blood Will Have Blood 07-31-2005. Anthony Rathe Chronicles: More Deaths Then One Must Die 02-12-2006; Tell Me No Lies 11-12-2006


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