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Burt Reynolds: 4 Movie Collection

Category: Potpourri
Duration: 7 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 94089
Price: $14.98



Burt Reynolds, the box office champ with the boyish charm, was one of Hollywood's best and brightest. See him in four films that showed his dramatic and comedic range.

Shamus (1973 / PG) - New York private eye Shamus McCoy likes girls, booze, and gambling. Business hasn't been too good lately, so an offer of $10,000 to finds some stolen diamonds is too juicy to pass up. His investigations soon get pretty complicatedand dangerous. Dyan Cannon co-stars, along with Joe Santos and Kevin Conway.

The Man Who Loved Women (1983 / R) - A Los Angeles playboy renowned for his fast and loose love life runs head on into a mid-life crisis in this uproarious Blake Edwards comedy. David Fowler has two passions, sculpting and women -- and he's been quite successful in both departmentsuntil now. David finds that his insatiable hunger for women begins to render him socially, artistically, and sexually impotent. His desperate inner struggle drives him to the couch of an attractive psychiatrist. Can she help David control his roving eye before it's too late? Julie Andrews co-stars, along with Marilu Henner, Kim Basinger, and Barry Corbin.

Physical Evidence (1989 / R) - Burt Reynolds stars as a cop accused of murder. Theresa Russell is the lawyer who must defend him. Between evidence and passion lies guilt or innocence in this sexy suspense thriller. Ned Beatty and Kay Lenz co-star.

Switching Channels (1988 / PG) - Cable news anchor Christy Colleran and her cagey boss John L. Sullivan have a long history together: They used to be married, but now Christy is set to leave journalism and her ex-husband forever. Since Sullivan still has feelings for her, he hatches a plan to keep Christy around by assigning her to a hot news story she can't resist. Kathleen Turner and Christopher Reeve co-star.


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