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Harry Nile: Black Widow & Other Mysteries

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 48232
Was: $31.95    Now: $25.56

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From the imaginative radio mind of writer/producer Jim French comes the tough-but-thoughtful private eye who roams the rain-swept streets of the Pacific Coast in search of crime, adventure, and enough dough to keep the office lights on for another month -- Harry Nile!

It's new radio drama produced in the classic style, with stories set in the golden age of private-eye drama. Phil Harper stars as Harry in high-powered, hard-luck radio adventures! The twenty one episodes featured here include the last show of the character's 1970's run, and the first twenty episodes of his glorious return in 1990.

Episodes Include: The Case Of The Lisping Lover 06-13-1978; Favor For A Friend 12-16-1990; Black Widow 06-23-1991; Maybe There Is A Santa Claus 12-22-1991; Hair Of The Dog 01-05-1992; S.L.O.B. 02-02-1992; The Case Of The Fatal Fall 03-01-1992; The Case Of The Puzzling Puzzle 04-05-1992; Blood Ties 06-07-1992; The Lady In The Green Hat 08-02-1992; It Pays To Advertise 09-06-1992; Mr. Fixer 10-11-1992; Floater 11-01-1992; Sob Sisters 11-29-1992; Sticky Fingers 12-20-1992; Unhappy Birthday 01-03-1993; The Trianon Kid 02-07-1993; Crime In A Bottle 04-04-1993; The Key 05-02-1993; The Case Of The Hot Yacht 06-06-1993; The Case Of The Exeter Audition 07-04-1993


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