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Alfred Hitchcock The Classic Soundtrack Collection

Category: Musical/Variety
Media: (4) CDs
Catalog Number: 94055
Price: $17.98



With a total of over 50 full length feature films to his name, Alfred Hitchcock remains one of the most influential and esteemed movie directors in cinema history. During his career, which spanned six decades, he created some of the finest and most critically acclaimed films ever made, for which he received any number of awards, and which are still hailed as classics. Hitchcock was a master too of choosing the right composers to score his celluloid creations, and the music was often as important as any other feature in his completed picture. Working regularly with esteemed music-writers such as Bernard Herrmann, Dimitri Tiomkin, Franz Waxman and Lyn Murray, the movie going public considered his choice in this area as important as that of his leading actors and actresses. This collection brings together five original, full soundtrack albums for Hitchcock films, along with numerous themes for others of his classic creations Totaling nearly five hours of music over four discs, this compilation offers a unique experience by isolating the scores from their original setting, thereby allowing the listener to hear them in unfamiliar surrounds. Disc 1:"The Man Who Knew Too Much: Storm Clouds Cantata"The 39 Steps"The Lady Vanishes"Secret Agent"Young And Innocent"The Lady Vanishes"Jamaica Inn"Rebecca"Foreign Correspondent"Saboteur"Prelude And Rooftop"Scotty Trails Madeline"Carlotta's Portrait"The Bay"By The Fireside"The Streets"The Forest"The Beach"The Dream"Farewell And The Tower"The Nightmare And Dawn"The Past And The Girl"The Letter"Goodnight And The Park"Scene D'Amour"The Necklace, The Return And FinaleDisc 2:oShadow Of A DoubtoLifeboatoSpellboundoNotoriousoThe Paradine CaseoRopeoOverture/Main TitleoThe StreetsoKidnappedoThe Door/CheersoThe Wild Ride/Car CrashoThe Return/Two DollarsoThe ElevatoroThe U.N./Information DeskoThe KnifeoInterludeoDetectives/Conversation Piece/DuooThe Station/The Phone Booth/FarewelloThe Crash/Hotel LobbyoThe Reunion/Goodbye/The QuestionoThe Pad & Pencil/The Auction/The PoliceoThe AirportoThe Cafeteria/The ShootingoThe ForestoThe Flight/The LedgeoThe HouseoThe Balcony/The Match BoxoThe Message/The T.V./The AirplaneoThe Gates/The Stone Faces/The Ridge/On The Rocks/The Cliff/FinaleDisc 3:"Under Capricorn"Stage Fright"I Confess"Dial M For Murder"Rear Window"The Trouble with Harry"To Catch A Thief: Main Theme"To Catch A Thief: Unexpected"To Catch A Thief: Francie's Theme"To Catch A Thief: Your Kiss"The Man Who Knew Too Much"The Wrong Man"Suspicion "Four O' Clock""Prelude"The City"Marion"Marion And Sam"Temptation"Flight"Patrol Car"Car Lot"The Package"Rainstorm"Hotel Room"The Window"The Parlor"Madhouse"Peephole"Bathroom"The Murder"The Body"The Office"The Curtain"Water"The Car"Cleanup"The Swamp"The Search"The Shadow"Phone Booth"The Porch"The Stairs"The Knife"The Search II"First Floor"Cabin 10"Cabin 1"The Hill"The Bedroom"The Toys"The Cellar"The Discovery"FinaleDisc 4:"Intro"Melanie Leaves Brenner's House"Seagulls/Cathy's Party"Swifts In Brenner's House"Crows/School"Seagull/Oil Station"Bird's Attack/After Explosion"The Crows Again/Annie Is Dead"Birds Attack/Brenner's House"Fluttering"Melanie Attacked/Attic"The End"Main Title"The Hotelroom"The Return"The Foxhunt"A New Job"The Storm"Marnie & Mark"Nocturne"Suspicions"The Wedding Night"The Rape"The Morning After/Rutland Cottage"Obsessions"The Nightmare"The Color Red"The Despair"Failed Robbery"Off To Baltimore"The Resolution"Finale & End Credits


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