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Superhero Origins: Three Classic Serials

Category: Adventure
Duration: 14 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 93071
Price: $14.98



Classic Serials Featuring Classic Crimefighters!

1.) Batman: The 1943 Serial Collection

(1943) - B&W - Not Rated

See how BATMAN really began!

Watch as mild-mannered Bruce Wayne (Lewis Wilson) becomes Batman, the classic superhero who, with Robin (Douglas Croft), protects Gotham City from the evil schemes of Dr. Tito Daka (J. Carrol Naish). Packed with adventures involving a radium-powered death ray, a deadly alligator pit, electronic zombies, and even the original Bat Cave, this serial is a must-have for any fan of the Caped Crusader!


1. The Electrical Brain

2. The Bat's Cave

3. The Mark of the Zombies

4. Slaves of the Rising Sun

5. The Living Corpse

6. Poison Peril

7. The Phoney Doctor

8. Lured By Radium

9. The Sign of the Sphinx

10. Flying Spies

11. A Nipponese Trap

12. Embers Of Evil

13. Eight Steps Down

14. The Executioner Strikes

15. The Doom of the Rising Sun

2.) Batman and Robin: The Complete 1949 Movie Serial Collection

(1949) - B&W - Not Rated

Join superheroes Batman (Robert Lowery) and Robin (John Duncan) as they help Commissioner Gordon (Lyle Talbot) battle the Wizard, a villainous madman who steals a top-secret remote device that allows him to control all of the moving vehicles in Gotham. Between The Wizard trying to destroy them and Bruce Wayne's love interest Vicky Vale (Jane Adams) working to uncover their identities, The Dynamic Duo careen from one nail-biting cliffhanger to the next as they set out to save Gotham and foil The Wizard's plan for world domination.


1. Batman Takes Over

2. Tunnel Of Terror

3. Robin's Wild Ride

4. Batman Trapped!

5. Robin Rescues Batman!

6. Target - Robin!

7. The Fatal Blast

8. Robin Meets The Wizard!

9. The Wizard Strikes Back!

10. Batman's Last Chance!

11. Robin's Ruse

12. Robin Rides The Wind

13. The Wizard's Challenge

14. Batman vs. Wizard

15. Batman Victorious

3.) The Shadow

(1940) - B&W - Not Rated

With dynamited railroads, wrecked airplanes and blown-up industrial plants, nothing is safe from the machinations of the secret mastermind of the underworld known only as The Black Tiger. Enter the black garbed, masked figure known as The Shadow, a mysterious force for law and order. Disguised as Lamont Cranston (VICTOR JORY), he sets his agents into action to combat this evil. But the police are convinced that the Black Tiger and The Shadow are one and the same. With both the hoodlums and the police gunning for The Shadow, Cranston is in for the fight of his life. His beautiful assistant, Margo Lane (VEDA ANN BORG) is in constant peril as well. Right out of the air waves and magazine stories comes the mysterious Shadow to do battle with an enemy who can become invisible! Can he triumph over this unseen evil? Directed by James W. Horne.


1.The Doomed City

2.The Shadow Attacks

3.The Shadow's Peril

4.In the Tiger's Lair

5.Danger Above

6.The Shadow's Trap

7.Where Horror Waits

8.The Shadow Rides the Rails

9.The Devil in White

10.The Underground Trap

11.Chinatown Night

12.Murder by Remote Control

13.Wheels of Death

14.The Sealed Room

15.The Shadow's Net Closes


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