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Western Double Feature: Northern Frontier (1935) / Custer's Last Stand (1936)

Category: Westerns
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92468
Was: $7.98    Now: $6.78


Two extremely rare, full-length cowboy features.

Northern Frontier (1935): Mountie Sergeant Mack MacKenzie goes undercover to locate a murderous band of counterfeiters. He manages to infiltrate the gang, but his investigation implicates his own sweetheart, Beth, and her father. Before he can gather the evidence he needs to convict the kingpin of the operation, his cover is blown, and Mack finds himself targeted for death. Starring Kermit Maynard, Russell Hopton, Walter Brennan, LeRoy Mason and Lloyd Ingraham. Directed by Sam Newfield.

Custer's Last Stand (1936): General Custer leads the United States in its manifest destiny of westward expansion. The General and his men come face-to-face with violent tribes determined to retrieve a sacred arrow on which is carved a coded map to a cavern of gold. A rousing tale with appearances by some of the wild west's most beloved characters, this is an epic western feature compiled from the 1936 fifteen chapter serial. Starring Rex Lease, Frank Mcglynn, Lona Andre, Reed Howe and Chief Thundercloud. Directed by Elmer Clifton.


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