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Forgotten Funnymen - Marital Mix-ups

Category: Comedy
Duration: 1 hour
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92398
Was: $7.98    Now: $6.78


A collection of hilarious Hal Roach silent shorts about husbands, wives and marriage!

HIS WOODEN WEDDING (1925): It's wedding day for Charley Chase -- until the jealous best man slips him a note that the bride has a wooden leg. Charley impulsively calls off the wedding…and then must try to retrieve the priceless Dhulip Diamond from the jilted bride. Produced by Hal Roach and directed by future three-time Oscar winner Leo McCarey.

HOLD MY BABY! (1925): Marion Snow (Glenn Tryon) is on a book tour promoting his best-seller "The Care of Babies," but he gets an unexpected crash course in child-rearing when a baby is abandoned aboard the train he's on.

INNOCENT HUSBANDS (1925): Charley Chase plays Melvin, whose wife constantly suspects him of being a womanizer. No matter how innocent his intentions, poor Melvin always seems to end up in compromising positions with the opposite sex. Directed by Leo McCarey.

MEET THIS MISSUS (1924): Glenn Tryon and Blanche Mehaffey are newlyweds whose married bliss is threatened when the boss comes to dinner.


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