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Lum & Abner Volume 6

Category: Comedy
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 46152
Was: $35.95    Now: $32.56

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The Jot 'Em Down store is jumping!

Lum is called upon to arrest the town's new dentist…and himself. Grandpap fixes to marry his own wife, while every eligible gal in Pine Ridge is fixing to marry one Mr. Edwards. Fortunes are told, war bonds are sold, and Barbara Stanwyck pays a visit!

Come hear Chester Lauck and Norris Goff as they star in 36 consecutive episodes from the spring of 1943.

Episodes Include: Mousey Comes to Visit 03-25-43; Lum Installs Intercom 03-29-43; Dr. Snide Lectures to Club 03-30-43; Better Dr. Snide's Business 03-31-43; Not Much Dental Work 04-01-43; Lum Must Arrest Dr. Snide 04-05-43; Dr. Snide Skips Out of Town 04-06-43; Grandpap-Buster Returns 04-07-43; County Agricultural Board 04-08-43; Barbara Stanwyck Drops By 04-12-43; Life of Milford Spears 04-13-43; Love and Aunt Charity 04-14-43; Grandpap and Charity Date 04-15-43; Cedric's Car Pool Troubles 04-19-43; Grandpap and Charity Together 04-20-43; Is Charity Too Good 04-21-43; Black Market Meat Dangers 04-22-43; Proposing to Charity 04-26-43; Grandpap's Memory Restored 04-27-43; Rubber Formula on Wall 04-28-43; Plans for Rubber Factory 04-29-43; Synthetic Rubber Worthless 05-03-43; War Bond Staff Chairman 05-04-43; Business Meeting 05-05-43; Teaching About Inflation 05-06-43; Neosho the Mind Reader 05-10-43; Tent for Fortune Teller 05-11-43; Neosho Doesn't Show 05-12-43; Abner Subs for Neosho 05-13-43; Fortune Teller Abner 05-17-43; Try to Get out of Dinner 05-18-43; Lum's Troubles Known 05-09-43; Selling Lots of War Bonds 05-20-43; Election May Be Good 05-24-43; Relatives Arrive in Town 05-25-43; Relatives Use Vacant Lot 05-26-43

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