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JOHNNY HORTON: North to Alaska & Other Great Hits

Category: Musical/Variety
Media: (2) CDs
Catalog Number: 92323
Price: $17.98


Dot LP - 1959: Plaid and Calico; Coal Smoke Valve Oil and Steam; Devilish Love Light; Done Rovin'; Mean Mean Son of a Gun; Gobbler the Houn'Dog; Shadows on the Old Bayou; In My House In Shelby County; Go and Wash Your Dirty Feet; Smokey Joe's Barbecue; It's a Long Rocky Road; Words. The Fantastic Johnny Horton - 1959: Broken Hearted Gypsy; First Train Headin' South; Move Down the Line; The S.S. Lureline; The Child's Side of Life; All for the Love of a Girl; The Mansion You Stole; The Train With a Rhumba Beat; Two Red Lips and Warm Red Wine; Ridin' the Sunshine Special; Big Wheels Rollin'; Devil Made a Masterpiece. Sings Free and Easy - 1960: Hot in the Sugarcane Field; Lonesome and Heartbroken; Seven Comes Eleven; I Can't Forget You; Wise to the Ways of a Woman; Out In New Mexico; Tetched in the Head; Just Walk a Little Closer; Don't Use My Heart for a Stepping Stone; I Love You Baby. The Spectacular Johnny Horton - 1959: The Battle of New Orleans; Whispering Pines; The First Train Headin' South; Lost Highway; Joe's Been A-Gittin' There; Sam Magee; When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below); Cherokee Boogie; All for the Love of a Girl; The Golden Rocket; Mr. Moonlight; Got the Bull by the Horns. Johnny Horton Makes History - 1960: Johnny Freedom (Freedom Land); Jim Bridger; Comanche (The Brave Horse); Snow Shoe Thompson; O'Leary's Cow; John Paul Jones; Young Abe Lincoln; Battle of Bull Run; Sinking of the Reuben James; Johnny Reb; Sink the Bismarck. Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits - 1961: North to Alaska; Mansion You Stole; I'm Ready If You're Willing.


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