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Nick Carter, Master Detective: Echoes of Death

Category: Detective
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 45932
Price: $35.95



Man of mystery, man of intellect, man of action -- for over a century, Nick Carter stands tall as America's Greatest Detective! Handsome, deep-voiced character actor Lon Clark stars in this new collection of exciting radio adventures, perfectly capturing both the manly vigor and powerful intellectual skills of the master detective.

Nick's pal Scubby Wilson (John Kane) is a newspaper man who takes more than his share of punishment when the goons and thugs came around. And, plucky secretary Patsy Bowen (Helen Choate, Charlotte Manson) is a smart, peppy young woman who can handle street-level investigations as well as dictation. Join them for 18 digitally restored and remastered capers!

Includes an informative Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod!

Episodes Include: The Echo of Death 07-06-43; Murder in the Crypt 08-02-43; The Case of the Careless Employees 02-02-47; The Case of the Crystal Prophecy 03-23-47; The Case of the Wandering Macaroni 07-20-47; The Case of the Bearded Queen 09-07-47; The Case of the Two-Faced Firemaster 09-21-47; The Case of the Barefoot Banker 11-23-47; The Case of the Policy Makers 12-21-47; The Case of the Graveyard Gunman 01-11-48; The Case of the Classical Clue 02-01-48; The Case of the Boy Who Got Lost 02-29-48; The Case of the Absent Clue 03-07-48; The Case of the Martyred Rat 03-28-48; The Case of the Henpecked Husband 04-11-48; The Case of the Nameless Blonde 05-09-48; The Case of the Salesman of Death 05-16-48; The Case of the Tatooed Cobra 05-23-48


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