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Boyer Collection, Volume 2

Category: Drama
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92183
Price: $7.98



From 1952-'56, Charles Boyer joined fellow Hollywood luminaries Ida Lupino, David Niven and Dick Powell in Four Star Playhouse (also known as Star Performance), an anthology series in which each actor took the lead role on a weekly basis. The series, which ran on CBS, earned 14 Emmy nominations during its run, including one for Boyer in 1956 for Best Continuing Performance by an Actor in a Dramatic Series.

My Own Dear Dragon (1954): Renowned playwright Charles Bernard's young wife Maggie has written her first play, but upon reading it he inexplicably announces his immediate retirement. As Maggie tries to understand his sudden decision, they are forced to reassess their relationship.

Distinguished Service (1956): On the eve of receiving a prestigious award on national television, esteemed physician Worth Severson is consumed by guilt as he learns of an outbreak of bubonic plague in Southeast Asia, from which he has recently returned.

The Other Room (1956): Martin Blanchard is a middle-aged teacher and aspiring author so frustrated with his career that he'd like nothing better than to start life over with a new identity. Then a stranger offers him the chance to do just that - if he aids him in a potentially lucrative insurance scam.

Alias Mr. Hepp (1955): Smooth-talking con artist Frank Hepp has just been paroled from prison, and one condition of his release is that he steer clear of the fairer sex. When he encounters his new neighbor, the ailing heiress of a lumber fortune, Hepp is torn by his emotions. For the first time in his life, he has fallen in love - but at what cost?


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