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Spies And Soldiers

Category: Potpourri
Duration: 1 hour
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92181
Price: $7.98



A collection of rare propaganda short subjects:

SOMEONE TALKED: At a Nazi school for spies, the instructor teaches that American stupidity, and the Yankee inability to keep confidential information silent, will lead to victory for the German Reich.This cautionary tale was produced in an era when German wolfpacks were causing the loss of thousands of lives. Notable cast members include Richard Carlson, Frank Reicher and Morris Ankrum.

WE LIVE IN TWO WORLDS: This fascinating short subject was written and narrated by famed author J.B. Priestley ("The Old Dark House") in 1937, when the world stood on the brink of all-out global conflict. Priestley makes the argument that modern technology presents two choices to mankind. One of international trade, communication and cooperation, and the other, which tragically came to pass, of a World War that would lead to untold destruction and cost tens of millions of lives.

THE BIG PICTURE: This episode of the popular television series, produced by the U.S. Army, deals with the invasion of Normandy. How America solved the incredible logistical problems of moving vast amounts of men, machinery and supplies into position to invade Hitler's European fortress are shown. Featured is actual combat footage of the D-Day invasion, depicting the terrible price and the overwhelming victory won by American military might.

WHAT MAKES A BATTLE: The invasion of the Marshall Islands illustrates the requirements of sustaining our war effort. Gruesome combat footage shows the incredible courage and sacrifice of our American soldiers, required to dislodge and eliminate the tenacious Japanese defenders.


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