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Mr. and Mrs. North Volume Two DVD

Category: Detective
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92088
Price: $7.98


Barbara Britton and Richard Denning star as piquant publishers privately investigating crimes in this lighthearted comedy-drama.

Episodes Include:

Flight 217: After helping their old friend Detective Paco try to solve a missing persons case in Mexico City, Jerry and Pamela North book their flight and head for the States, unaware that aboard their plane there is a time bomb ticking away in a piece of luggage.

Murder for Sale: A flat tire during a drenching rainstorm leaves Jerry and Pam stranded late at night near a lonely house in the woods. A woman's muffled screams and a scrawled message on an upstairs bedroom window lure the couple inside where they discover a basement full of horrors.

Two Faced: A notorious murderer visits Jerry North's neighborhood barbershop where the shop's manicurist recognizes the wanted man. She concocts a plan to blackmail the fugitive, but the plan backfires and the outcome turns deadly.

Breakout: The warden of the State Penitentiary invites the Norths to interview a high-profile inmate for a possible book. During the visit a prison disturbance escalates into a frightening confrontation when Pamela and Jerry are taken hostage by a gang of desperate convicts.


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