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Government Spy Films: A Collection of Vintage Government-Produced, Anti-Spy Propaganda Shorts

Category: Potpourri
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 92073
Was: $7.98    Now: $6.78


As the Cold War raged, America was the world leader in advanced technology. Consequently, our foreign enemies would go to any length to steal secret information vital to our defense. These films were produced by The Department Of Defense to warn Americans working with classified materials of the devious methods used by enemy spies, and how even simple carelessness at the workplace could unwittingly make one a traitor!

DEFENSE AGAINST THE SPY (1967): As Government investigators smash an industrial spy ring, they reveal the ingenious and devious methods used to infiltrate and mine information from a loyal American manufacturer.

THE CASE OF COMRADE "T" (1956): A foreign spy who has infiltrated a defense contractor, is thwarted at every turn by proper security measures diligently applied.

THE DAILY ENEMY: A spy is arrested at a local park, reminding citizens to be ever vigilant, for our enemies do not rest. Loyal Americans are disgusted that an American citizen is involved. This film shows how those same Americans, by simple acts of carelessness at their jobs, are helping foreign powers.

THE ENEMY AGENT AND YOU (1964): After an amorous fling in a foreign city, a diplomats' career is ruined when his beautiful paramour turns out to be an enemy agent.

THE SMILE AND THE SWORD (1967): A loyal American businessman is lured in by a charming foreigner promising an extremely lucrative contract.


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