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Sgt. Preston: On, You Huskies!

Category: Adventure
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 45502
Price: $31.95


"On, King! On, you huskies!"

That clarion call brings to mind a blizzard of images for those who grew up with radio -- icy cold, driving snow, and howling winds. Cutting through the Arctic storms we see a dogsled manned by that stalwart figure himself, Sergeant Preston! And, perhaps even more vividly than we see the bold, red-coated frontier lawman, we see his dog, the handsome, courageous, and powerful Yukon King!

Paul Sutton brings a combination of authority and manly self-confidence to the role of Preston through 16 previously unavailable digitally remastered episodes. When he declares, at the end of each episode, "This case is closed," it is with the rugged earnestness of one who knows the job is done!

Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod.

EPISODES INCLUDE: A Stand-In for Cheeka 04-15-52; The Two Shots 04-17-52; The Haunting Fear 04-22-52; Brave Death 04-24-52; The Fugitive 04-29-52; Partners in Crime 05-01-52; Gold Legacy 05-06-52; Strange Treasure 05-08-52; The Pack-Rat Nest 05-13-52; The Young Camper 05-15-52; Guard of Honor 05-22-52; Mistaken Identity 05-27-52; The Shelf-Ridge Incident 05-29-52; Caw River Camp 06-03-52; Death by Proxy 06-05-52; Man from Montana 06-10-52

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