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Cartoon Rarities of the 1930s

Category: Various
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91716
Price: $7.98


TOYLAND ADVENTURE (1932): This cartoon was part of the ongoing 'Aesop's Fables' series at Van Beuren Studios. It features a great musical score, including "Goodnight Sweetheart" and "The Siamese Patrol."

PUDDLE PRANKS (1931): One of the first "Flip the Frog" productions by the Ub Iwerks Studio features Flip and his girlfriend dancing and singing in typical early '30s fashion. Iwerks, animator of the first Mickey Mouse cartoons, formed his own studio with Pat Powers in 1931.

BARS AND STRIPES (1931): A great entry in the Krazy Kat cartoon series, produced by the Columbia / Mintz Studio. This series has been one of the most difficult to see, having been withdrawn from TV since the mid '60s.

OLD MOTHER HUBBARD (1935): A rare Cinecolor treat, produced by the Ub Iwerks studio as part of the 'Comi-Color' series. A happy dog convinces the King to 'Cheer Up' in a nod to the FDR depression messages of the time.

TIGHT ROPE TRICKS (1933): A Tom and Jerry cartoon (remamed 'Dick and Larry' TV release). Van Beuren produced the Tom and Jerry cartoons from 1931 through 1933. These Mutt and Jeff-esque characters were possibly Van Beuren's most popular cartoons.

I WANNA BE A SAILOR (1936): A beautifully produced cartoon from Warner Brothers who were granted rights to Technicolor this same year, resulting in a lavish rainbow palette. Director Tex Avery went on to create some of the funniest and most memorable cartoons at both Warner Brothers and MGM.

PASTRYTOWN WEDDING (1935): This wonderful Van Beuren Studio production was the first in the "Rainbow Parade" series of cartoons. It was directed by Ted Eshbaugh, an independent producer who made beautiful color cartoons into the early '30s.

BIRD SCOUTS (1936): Another entry in the Rainbow Parade series by Van Beuren, this rarely seen cartoon is from a original Cinecolor print.

BEACHCOMBERS (1936): Walter Lantz produced the Oswald Rabbit cartoons from 1930 through 1940, after Disney lost the rights to the character and series.

BETTY BOOP'S KER-CHOO! (1932): This great Fleischer Studios entry from the 'golden age' of Betty Boop is loaded with gags and surreal imagery. Not long after this film was produced, the production code forced Betty to be a less provocative character.

BOSKO AT THE BEACH (1932): Producers Hugh Harman/ Rudolph Ising began their careers in animation with Walt Disney, and formed their own studio in the late 1920s. They eventually contracted with MGM, producing some of the most beautiful cartoons of the 1930's.

THE FARMERETTE (1933): In this Van Beuren production, the voice of our heroine is Bonnie Poe, one of the early voices of Betty Boop.

HUNKY AND SPUNKY (1935): As Disney and MGM achieved success with their color series, the Fleischers attempted to win the hearts of viewers as well. Hunky and Spunky debut in this color classic.

BOOM BOOM (1936): This early Porky the Pig cartoon featuring "Beans the Cat" has a most unusual comedic theme - trench warfare!

BEAUTY SHOPPE (1939): This rarity, supervised by Ub Iwerks, stars Gran' Pop Monkey, a popular character created by British cartoonist Lawson Wood.


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