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Crime and Punishment DVD (10 DVD)

Category: Detective
Duration: 20 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91705
Was: $34.98    Now: $27.98


Detectives stomp the pavement while gangsters level their tommy guns in this collection of vintage television that celebrates the eternal struggle between cops and robbers. This 10-DVD set is packaged in a hardbound, cloth-covered case.

Episodes Include:

Decoy: Police Woman (Starring Beverly Garland): First Arrest, High Swing, Saturday Lost, To Trap A Thief

Dragnet (Starring Jack Webb): The Big September, The Big Seventeen, The Big Show, The Big Break, The Big Hands

The Public Defender (Starring Reed Hadley): Living A Lie, Story Of Nora Fulton, Anything For A Thrill, They Never Come Back

Federal Men (Starring Walter Greaza): Bad Bargain, Black Sheep, Buried Treasure, Chartered Chiseler

Gang Busters: Homer Van Meter, The Unholy Three, The Phantom, The Quirley Gang

Racket Squad: Accidentally on Purpose, The Case of the Hearse Chaser, The Longshot, Desperate Money

Lock-Up (Starring MacDonald Carey): The Harry Connors Story, Brother's Keeper, Two Wrongs, The Sisters

Follow The Man (Starring Ralph Bellamy): Petite Larceny, Wire Trappers, Third Rail, Death Takes A Partner

Night Court USA: Concealed Weapon, Chronic Offender, Publicity Stunt, The Gambler

Secret File USA (Staring Robert Alda): Mission Assassin, Mission Chopin, Mission Firebird, Mission "M"


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