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Love That Bob Volumes 1-3

Category: Comedy
Duration: 6 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91702
Price: $23.90


This popular sitcom from the 1950's stars the ever youthful Bob Cummings as a photographer playboy who is forever flirting with his gorgeous models. His sister, Margaret (Rosemary DeCamp), attempts to marry him off while his nephew (Dwayne Hickman) tries his own luck with the ladies; meanwhile, Bob's secretary, Schultzy (Ann B. Davis of THE BRADY BUNCH fame), worships him from afar. It's zany fun, with the whole gang careening from one wildly risque romp to the next!

BOB AND THE RAVISHING REALTOR: Bob tries to close his own deal with a beautiful real estate agent. What he doesn't realize is that she's not on the market!

BOB DIGS ROCK AND ROLL: Chuck wants to buy a guitar to compete with the rock 'n' roll hunk who's stolen his girlfriend. Uncle Bob thinks it's ridiculous - until the girl he's after starts swaying to the beat!

COLLINS THE CROONER: When word gets out that Bob's going to cut a record, everyone wants in on the act, including Rose Marie ("The Dick Van Dyke Show").

GRANDPA ATTENDS A CONVENTION: Grandpa Collins comes home to see his old war-time buddies, but causes civil unrest when his old flame comes back to town.

BOB PLAYS MARGARET'S GAME: Margaret goes out with a gigolo to teach Bob a lesson.

BOB GOES BIRD WATCHING: In a scheme to get Bob alone, Pamela convinces him to go bird watching, unaware that the only bird Bob wants to watch is the gorgeous English girl who has just flown in to town.

BOB SAVES HARVEY: Posing as his friend Harvey (King Donovan), Bob double-dates with an insufferable furniture magnate until the wee hours.

BOB JUDGES A BEAUTY CONTEST: Bob tries to prove that he'd be a better judge for a beauty contest than Peter Lawford.

GRANDPA MOVES WEST!: Grandpa and his new housemate Alice give a whole new meaning to the phrase "monkeying around!"

BOB GETS HARVEY A RAISE: Bob poses as his friend Harvey to trick a furniture salesman into placing a huge order - but first Bob must promise him a date with a beautiful model!

BOB'S FORGOTTEN FIANCE: Margaret decides to teach her womanizing brother a lesson with a visitor from his past - whom he can't recall.

BOB GOES TO THE MOON: In an attempt to gain Swedish beauty Ingrid's affection, Bob offers to test pilot a rocket to the moon.

BOB AND SCHULTZY REUNITE: A ditzy waitress replaces Shultzy after she leaves to take a new job - and Bob has to fight to win her back.

BOB RETRENCHES: The whole gang is put on a budget after Bob checks his expenses.

GRANDPA'S OLD BUDDY: Grandpa and his old war buddy take a couple of hot models to Palm Springs - while Bob is headed for hot water!


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