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Police and Thieves: Crime Radio Drama

Category: Detective
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 45254
Price: $39.98

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A police car speeds by with its siren wailing, and we can't help but wonder: what kind of criminal is it dashing off in pursuit of? We are intrigued by crime and fascinated with the work of the police as they track down the transgressors.

This anthology of post-World War II crime radio drama presents fictionalized crime, dramatizations of actual crimes, and programs that presented on-the-spot recordings of real police investigations. Radio Spirits is proud to present twenty adventures from fifteen of the best (and most unusual) programs broadcast in the last dozen or so years of commercial network dramatic radio. Series include Gang Busters, The Line Up, Broadway's My Beat, Man From Homicide, Night Watch, and more!

Includes performances by Raymond Burr, Bela Lugosi, Mike Wallace, Dan Duryea, William Conrad, Raymond Edward Johnson, Louis Nye, Larry Thor, and more!

Includes a Program Guide by radio historian and voice recognition expert William Nadel.

Episodes Include: Broadway's My Beat: The Stacy Parker Murder Case 07-05-52, The John Rand Murder Case 07-04-53; Crime Does Not Pay: Gasoline Cocktail 12-12-49; Crime On The Waterfront: Audition Show 02-24-49; Gang Busters: The Case of the Inside Track 06-10-50, The Case of the Temperate Thief 09-30-50; The Line-Up: The Mad Bomber Case 01-11-51, The Lapinish Lighter-Upper Case (a.k.a. The Elsner Case) 03-27-51; The Man From Homicide: Don Shelberger Murder 07-09-51, Old Man Kelso 07-16-51; Night Watch: Glass Breaker 05-03-54, Hammer 211 07-10-54; Official Detective: Butcher Shop Murder 02-23-56; Police Blotter: Homicide by Hurricane 1956; Somebody Knows: The Black Dahlia 08-24-50; Squad Room: Body Found in a Plastic Bag 1955; Treasury Agent: The Case of the Faithful Wife 08-11-47; Twenty-First Precinct: Abandoned Baby 06-28-56; Under Arrest: Mrs. Mollison's Handbag 05-08-49; Unit 99: First Call - Attempted Suicide 11-01-57


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