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The Green Hornet: Endpoint

Category: Adventure
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 45232
Price: $39.98


The final classic radio adventures of The Green Hornet were crafted for their times. In these exciting episodes, The Green Hornet (portrayed by Jack McCarthy) and Kato (Paul Carney) combat communism and communist sympathizers, take down crooked politicians, and smash rackets on the waterfront.

Join the daring young publisher and his faithful valet as they hunt the biggest of all game in the last 20 shows that the radio series ever produced! Digitally remastered and restored, 19 of these programs are presented here for the first time anywhere.

Includes a Program Guide by Martin Grams, Jr. and Terry Salomonson.

Episodes Include: Political Crossfire 10-01-52, Spy Master 10-03-52, The Changing Alibi 10-08-52, Keys to a Robbery 10-10-52, Election Boomerang 10-15-52, Proof of Treason 10-17-52, Jeff Warren's Safe 10-22-52, Unknown Assassin 10-24-52, The Microfilm of Death 10-29-52, The Hawkridge Gems 10-31-52, A Friday Night in the Mountains 11-05-52, The Simple Clue 11-07-52, The Triple-Cross 11-12-52, Ceiling on Crime 11-14-52, The Cigarette Filters 11-19-52, Shipment for Korea 11-21-52, Gas House Ending 11-26-52, Murder and Espionage 11-28-52, Pretenders to the Throne 12-03-52, Axford's Romantic Disaster 12-05-52

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