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Nero Wolfe: Parties for Death

Category: Detective
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 45132
Was: $35.95    Now: $30.56

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Nero Wolfe is "a gourmet who never walks when he can sit and never sits when he can lie down." Join Rex Stout's reclusive, overweight, orchid-loving super sleuth as masterfully portrayed by Sydney Greenstreet in this exciting radio series.

Ever in search of a perfect meal and a cold bottle of beer, Wolfe often sends Archie Goodwin, his secretary and operative (played by Wally Maher, Herb Ellis, Larry Dobkin, Gerald Mohr, and Harry Bartell), in his stead. Archie, while trying to keep his well-known weakness for red heads in check, follows up on leads and does the leg work, setting up his brilliant boss to solve the case.

Learn the logic of this armchair detective extraordinaire as he presides over 18 digitally remastered cases of treasure maps and love triangles, carelessness and con artists, bad business and bad medicine.

Includes a Program Guide by William Nadel.

Episodes Include: Stamped for Murder 10-20-50, The Case of the Dear Dead Lady 11-03-50, The Case of the Careless Cleaner 11-17-50, The Case of the Beautiful Archer 11-24-50, The Case of the Brave Rabbit (a.k.a. The Case of the Friendly Rabbit) 12-01-50, The Case of the Slaughtered Santas 12-22-50, The Case of the Calculated Risk 01-19-51, The Case of the Phantom Fingers 01-26-51, The Case of the Vanishing Shells 02-02-51, The Party for Death 02-16-51, The Case of the Malevolent Medic 02-23-51, The Case of the Hasty Will 03-02-51, The Case of the Final Page 03-23-51, The Case of the Tell-Tale Ribbon 03-30-51, A Slight Case of Perjury 04-06-51, The Case of the Lost Heir 04-20-51, The Case of the Room 304 04-27-51, Screen Guild Theatre: The Mask of Demetrios 04-16-45

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Format: CD
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