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Golden Age Theater, Volumes 1-6

Category: Drama
Duration: 10 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91644
Price: $47.88


This 6-DVD boxed set presents 24-episodes of America's best early anthology series, including General Electric Theater, Dick Powell's Four Star Playhouse, TV Reader's Digest, Bell Telephone's "Telephone Time", The Star and the Story, Ronald Colman T.V., and Du Pont Theater.

See television performances by old time radio favorites Jack Benny, Jeanette Nolan, Virginia Gregg, Howard Duff, and Edmond O'Brien! See an amazing array of television and film stars in their element in front of the cameras, including Ronald Reagan, Cloris Leachman, Natalie Wood, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Charles Bronson, Joan Fontaine, Ricardo Montalban, Ida Lupino, Vincent Price, Charles Boyer, Lon Chaney, Jr., Joanne Woodward, Angela Lansbury, David Niven, Merle Oberon, Barbara Billingsley, and more!

Episodes Include:

Let it Rain: Series Host Ronald Reagan stars with Cloris Leachman in this weird tale of a writer who finds romance in a sleepy southern town that keeps its memories of the Civil War, and its ghosts, very much alive.

Feather Top: Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic American fairy-tale of a scarecrow brought magically to life stars a young Natalie Wood as the love interest and was produced the same year as she starred in Rebel Without A Cause with James Dean.

The Golden Key: Comedian Joe E. Brown appears in a rare dramatic role as an aged railroad man who breaks free of the doldrums of retirement with the help of a young boy's friendship.

The Honest Man: Piano tuner Jack Benny is the man with an honest face in this comedy of errors involving gangsters, stolen jewels, and a bevy of lovesick beauties! Written and directed by Frank Tashlin, this gem also stars Zsa Zsa Gabor and Charles Bronson!

Summer Promise: Joan Fontaine stars in this tragic story of unrequited love and a promise made and kept in the heat of a May-December romance.

Easter Gift: Macdonald Carey stars in this powerful story of a minister who must overcome a crisis of faith as the upcoming Easter holiday also marks the anniversary of his young son's death.

Estaban's Legacy: In a small Mexican village, an idler (Ricardo Montalban) finds a gold coin and is afraid his neighbors will think he has stolen it, unless he can find work.

The Hat With Roses: In this gentle story of acceptance and love, Gisele MacKenzie stars as a lonely teacher forced to share a holiday with the one student who hates her the most.

The Adolescent: A prep school disciplinary board member, Celia, (Ida Lupino) comes across many obstacles and threats as she seeks to uncover a troubled student's dark secret.

The Brainwashing of John Hayes: Professor John Hayes (Vincent Price), a Presbyterian missionary and teacher in China, is arrested and charged with being a spy.

A Place of His Own: Claude (Charles Boyer), a celebrated war hero, returns home shell-shocked to live with his two brothers and sister-in-law (Jeanette Nolan). When one of his brothers fatally shoots a stranger, Claude's world is changed forever.

The Golden Junkman: Widowed immigrant, Jules Samenian (Lon Chaney, Jr.), works day and night as a junkman to send his sons to a private school. Jules has earned a very good living with his hard work, but earning the respect of his sons will become his greatest challenge.

Payment in Kind: Detective Tom Preston (Howard Duff) finds himself in a troubling dilemma when the doctor that saved his wife's life confesses to a murder. Guest starring Beverly Garland, Steven Geray and Dabbs Greer

America's First Great Lady: A classic re-telling of the story of indian princess Pocahontas (Gloria Talbot) and the early days of America's first settlement.

The Wild Bunch: George (Charles Boyer) adores his lovely new wife Leonora, but is shocked to discover that she neglected to tell him of her three teenage children. When Leonora is called away, George must tame her hellion kids. Guest starring Natalie Wood.

Dark Stranger: Novelist Ray (Edmond O'Brien) cannot believe his eyes when Jill, the lead character in his latest book, seems to come to life. Joanne Woodward and Evelyn Ankers guest star.

A String of Beads: Joan Robinson (Angela Lansbury), the governess of a wealthy London family is content in her simple life until expert jeweler Count Borselli takes notice of her pearl necklace.

Dan Marshall's Brat: Trudy Marshall and her family move onto their new frontier farm only to find themselves in the middle of a feud between the miserly rancher Barton, and his nemesis the Calaveras Kid. Guest starring Russell Johnson.

The Bomb: "All's fair in love and war" is the sentiment that lands Richard Lilliam (David Niven), his former lover Janet and her new fiance in an "explosive" life and death situation.

The Boy Nobody Wanted: Virginia Gregg stars as Gwendolen Sherman, an officer for the juvenile court in this re-telling of the true story of Billy Brandon - the boy nobody wanted. Roy Barcroft guest stars.

House For Sale: While looking at an isolated country home, a young woman (Ida Lupino) has an encounter with a maniac killer.The Man On A Train: Langford (David Niven) is taken aback by a strange run-in with an old friend. Things become even more peculiar when it turns out that the meeting might have been paranormal.

Sound Off My Love: Glamorous Mrs. Andrews (Merle Oberon) is loosing her hearing. Vain to a fault, she refuses to tarnish her "perfect" appearance by wearing a hearing-aid. When she finally concedes to use the device, she "hears" more than she bargained for. Barbara Billingsley guest stars.

The Story Of Emily Cameron: After an automobile accident, filthy rich Emily Cameron (Ida Lupino) is confined to her bed. Guilt-ridden about having caused the accident, her doting husband Jim cares for her every need - but the crash may have taken more than the use of her legs.


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