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Defense Attorney

Category: Detective
Duration: 6 hours
Media: (6) CDs
Catalog Number: 45092
Was: $24.95    Now: $18.71


"Ladies and gentleman, to depend upon your judgment, and to fulfill mine own obligation, I submit the facts - fully aware of my responsibility to my client, and to you, as defense attorney."

Academy Award winner Mercedes McCambridge stars as Martha Ellis Bryant, an experienced lawyer in private practice who has accepted the "challenge of defending the defenseless." Howard Culver plays her loving boyfriend, Jud Barnes, a reporter for the City Dispatch. In search of justice (and a good story), the two work both independently and together, checking records, talking to witnesses, and exchanging information with the police.

This 6 CD set includes 12 digitally restored and remastered episodes featuring music by Rex Koury and supporting performances by Parley Baer, Howard McNear, Lawrence Dobkin, Harry Bartell, Bill Johnstone, Paul Frees, and more - plus, a Program Guide by Jack French.

EPISODES INCLUDE: The Defense Rests: Joseph Moriano (Audition) 04-17-51; Defense Attorney: Marcus Moriano 08-10-51, Peter Lynch 08-17-51, Grady Daniels 08-24-51, Mike Tully 08-31-51, Jimmy Leonard 09-14-51, Thomas Richards 03-13-52, Joshua Masters 04-10-52, George Baughman 08-28-52, Jim Nelson 09-11-52, Thomas Kennedy and Jethro Lester 09-18-52, Edith Larkin 10-09-52


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