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Beverly Hillbillies Collection

Category: Comedy
Duration: 16 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91620
Was: $31.92    Now: $27.13


Uncle Jed, Elly May, Granny, and Jethro bring their outrageous backwoods antics to Southern Californny in this hilarious CBS comedy series from 1962-71. As the oil-rich Clampetts struggle to make sense of modern city living, Milburn Drysdale lives in constant fear of these simple mountain folk withdrawing their $25 million from his Beverly Hills bank.

This 4-DVD box set includes the following 40 episodes: Back To Californny; Elly Races Jethrine; Elly's Animals; Jed Saves The Drysdale's Marriage; Home For Christmas; Jed Becomes A Banker; Jed Rescues Pearl; Jethro Goes To School; Pygmalion And Elly; The Great Feud; Clampetts Strike Oil; Getting Settled; Jed Buys Stock; Clampetts Entertain; The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed; Jethro's Friend; The Servants; Christmas at the Clampetts; Clampetts Get Culture; The Garden Party; Turkey Day; Trick or Treat; Hair-Raising Holiday; The Clampett Look; Jed Buys a Freeway; Jed Pays His Income Tax; Jethro's First Love; The Clampetts are Overdrawn; The Clampetts Go Hollywood; Jed Gets The Misery; The Clampetts and the Dodgers; Jed Throws a Wingding; The Family Tree; Jed Cuts the Family Tree; Chickadee Returns; The Giant Jackrabbit; The Girl From Home; Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin; Race for the Queen; and Jed's Dilemma


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